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Basket Type Line Strainers

Light in Weight

Easy to Clean

Low pressure drop

Small in overall dimension

Ranger quality construction in aluminum, cast iron, ductile iron or stainless steel

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RANGER Simplex Strainers provide protection for your pumping system with low pressure drop. The inclined position of the strainer basket adjacent to the porting provides smooth flow patterns not found in conventional basket-type strainers.

RANGER Simplex Strainers reduce cleaning problems encountered with conventional strainers. Simple lid rotation disengages the breech lock type lid permitting easy removal of the basket. Basket is removed form the top of the strainer possibly eliminating the need to completely drain the system or allowing foreign matter to drop back into the line when the strainer is cleaned. The relatively small physical dimensions of the strainer make installations possible in many systems that cannot even be considered with the usual large strainer furnished for comparable purposes.


RANGER Simplex Strainers are designed with a weather seal lid to protect the breech lock area from exterior elements, thus eliminating problems with lid removal. Strainers are also equipped with a drain plug for complete draining of strainer if needed.


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