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  Gear Ratio Range: 1.87:1 to 7.95:1 Click here for complete information on Ranger Gear Reducers.
  Output Speeds (with 1750RPM Input): 950 to 220 RPM
  Reducer Horsepower Range: 1.4 to 49.8 HP (1.0 to 37.2kW
"A" Size Reducer
(mounting bracket on input side)
"B" Size Reducer
(mounting bracket on output side)
"C" Size Reducer
(mounting braket on output side)


Universal mounting

Each size has one or more mounting brackets for various center heights.
Adjustment slots on the brackets allow you to swivel the reducer's input (high speed)
shaft height to adapt to a variety of motors or other prime movers. These mounting
brackets assure no radial load on the reducer, drive or driven shafts.

Simple, robust design

All ratios are fully interchangeable in each gearbox.
All three reducers contain a hardened steel pinion
and gear supported by precision ball bearings.

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