Ranger Pumps is a privately held corporation that was founded in 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee. Ranger has become a domestic and international pump supplier. We pride ourselves on manufacturing pumps in the USA from parts made in the USA. Our goal is to provide the most reliable and cost-effective pumps on the market. We have a history of providing our customers with the highest quality helical gear pumps for over 35 years.

about ranger

  • Family-owned company
  • One-on-One Customer Service
  • 29 years serving customers in all 50 states and worldwide
  • Ranger’s single pump line allows for focused manufacturing expertise


Our Pumps

  • Constant advancement in manufacturing equipment and processes
  • Each pump is 100% tested before shipping
  • Competitively priced
  • Short lead time on pumps for fast delivery 


New products

  • The Quad Lip Seal is a packing option utilized exclusively by Ranger Pumps. It is Ranger’s toughest and longest lasting packing option to date.
  • Ranger’s new External Bypass diverts fluid flow to alleviate excess pressure.
  • Ranger’s Bi-rotational double relief valve is offered for our 11, 17, and 22 series pumps and provides protection in both shaft rotations.