Series 22

Our 3-inch pump model is offered with removable flanges.The Series 22’s larger size allows for pumping roughly 40 more gallons of product per minute than the series 17 model. Generating up to 165 gallons per minute, the Series 22 can output plentiful volume without too much of an increase in overall size.


  • Available in Gear Reduction, Hydraulic, and PTO (Shaft-driven) models.
  • The Series 22 pump also qualifies for Ranger’s Bi-Rotational Double Relief Valve.
  • These pumps are offered in 90 degrees and 180 degrees with 3 inch and 4 inch flanges.


  • Designed to output .22 gallons per revolution at a maximum of 750 rpm.
  • Generates up to 165 gallons per minute.
  • Max pressure is 125psi.