Ranger offers four series of versatile helical gear pumps for moving both low and high viscosity liquids.


Ranger offers 3 different ways for our pumps to be driven. Gear reductions, hydraulics, and PTOs are available for all 4 series of Ranger Pumps


PTO (Shaft-Driven)


 Pump Features

Smooth operating helical gears

  • Heat treated ductile iron helical gears provide silent, efficient, and lasting service life.
  • Finely keyed and machined gears are easily replaced by sliding on and off the mainshaft.
  • Friction and vibration are kept at a minimum by careful machining of the meshing helical gears.

Extended-life wearing services

  • High lead bronze, iron, or carbon bearings are available.
  • Pumping gears are supported by four heavy duty sleeve bearings to prolong service life.
  • Special machined grooves in the bearings allow both circulation and lubrication for lower bearing temperatures.
  • Special outboard drive shaft bearing absorbs thrust loads and helps support external radius loads.

Precision ground shafts

  • Induction bearing and packing surfaces on precision ground steel shafts extend pump life.
  • Hardened stainless steel shafts are available for specific installations.

Rugged cast-iron castings

  • Maximum pumping efficiency is gained from quality castings machined to high tolerances.
  • Positive alignment of the faceplate case and backplate is insured by large hardened steel dowel pins.